The Future of Plastic Waste Recovery

The rePurpose Global Impact Coalition catalyzes pioneering solutions that protect our planet from plastic waste


Transformative Impact

Protecting Fragile Ecosystems And Empowering Frontline Waste Workers Across Over 30 Locations Globally

Pounds of Plastic Recovered

from landfills, coastlines, and leaked areas

People across the world

provided access to holistic waste management

Fight plastic waste, engage conscious consumers

Plastic waste is the #1 environmental concern on shoppers minds today. Far-off future commitments are not enough. Achieve immediate results by supporting the growth of urgently needed plastic waste recovery infrastructure.

Joining the rePurpose Global coalition means playing a role in overturning old broken systems, ushering in a new era of inclusive environmental progress

Build A Unique Impact Portfolio

Explore our network of innovative Impact Projects to find programs that align with your brand identity

Complete Trust And Traceability

Our proprietary verification system reTrace facilitates end-to-end data tracking across the entire plastic recovery value chain

Authentic Communications

Leverage our powerful storytelling tools to educate consumers and directly connect with real, tangible, work on the ground

our impact philosophy

We cannot wait for a panacea.

Reduction is Important

There is no silver bullet solution to plastic waste. It is integral for brands to adopt a multi-faceted roadmap that incorporates ambitious targets to reduce the usage of unrecyclable and virgin plastic materials.

Read more about our reduction services

Recovery and Recycling is Important

Every 60 seconds, over 1 million pounds of plastic waste will be produced. The lack of strong waste management infrastructure to collect and ethically process this waste negatively affects tens of millions of communities worldwide.

Fund critical infrastructure development
Learn how you can help solve the global plastic waste crisis, today.
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“I've been very impressed. I had no idea the extent of rePurpose Global and how much effect they have had in such a short period of time.”

Sahba Fotovat
Co-Founder, Riverside Natural Foods

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