rePurpose Global Annual Report 2023

Uncover the power of purpose-driven action with rePurpose Global's 2023 annual report. Download the report from the link in the post. Highlights include passing 25 million kg of nature-bound plastic recovered, our work to shape international policy and create new financial mechanisms to bridge the finance gap in waste management, and other innovations and upgrades to accelerate an end to plastic pollution.

rePurpose Global ending plastic pollution through recovery and other solutions

rePurpose Global Annual Report 2023

Embark on a journey through rePurpose Global's impact and innovations in 2023, as we continued our fight against plastic pollution and mission to usher in systemic change in waste management.

rePurpose Global Annual Report
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A wave of change in the sector

Our work to end plastic waste and drive more circular solutions went deeper and broader in 2023 than ever before.

The report details our active engagement in shaping international plastic treaty discussions. Our establishment of the Innovation Alliance for a Global Plastics Treaty (IAGPT) in 2023, co-convened with The Ocean Cleanup, was a landmark. Stemming from the realization that solutionists and innovators were poorly represented, the IAGPT fights for more inclusive and effective plastic waste policies, that acknowledge the knowledge and successes of local innovators and solution providers.

We also ran another successful Plastic Reality Project expedition in India, giving sustainability and business leaders a unique opportunity to witness the realities of plastic waste and catalyze action.

Developing Circularity Infrastructure

The rePurpose Global Annual report gives details each of our impact projects (including some new ones in 2023), and how rePurpose Global has created and fixed plastic waste value chains in vulnerable regions around the world.

The result of this work, and support from our brand partners, is that our impact on preventing plastic pollution reached a record-breaking 14.7 million kgs of plastic recovered in 2023 alone.

With 14.7 million kgs recovered and verified in 2023, the total impact of rePurpose Global's plastic recovery solution stands at over 25 million kgs of plastic pollution prevented. Over 2,300 waste workers also benefitted from safer working conditions, fairer pay, and enhanced livelihood opportunities.

With 14.7 million kgs recovered and verified in 2023, the total impact of rePurpose Global's plastic recovery solution stands at over 25 million kgs of plastic pollution prevented.

Advancements to reTraceTM - our proprietary tracking, compliance, and verification technology tool - in 2023 means deeper use of technology across our projects for transparency and verification; new compliance and accountability functionalities added; and more detailed, bespoke, project informaton that aids data tracking.

Conceptual Frameworks to Catalyze Action

As our teams continued to innovate in 2023 and look to fight plastic waste from all angles, a significant development was our collaboration with Earth Action on 'Outcomes-Based Finance' for waste prevention. Outcomes-Based Finance (OBF) is a financial mechanism that aligns financial incentives with measurable environmental outcomes - rather than traditional financial returns. OBF, if deployed effectively on waste prevention can help bridge the funding gap that's currently a significant barrier to progress: supporting local, successful, and innovative small-scale solutions to grow and - in turn - grow their impact.

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Read the report or get in touch to discover how we drive positive change globally, and to see how partnering with rePurpose Global can amplify your brand's sustainable action.

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