Sada Shakti

Hindi (सदा शक्ति): Eternal Courage

Karnataka, India

Saving plastic waste from polluting Karnataka's natural environment

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207 mil.

equivalent plastic bags
recovered to-date


kgs of plastic waste removed


waste workers provided with additional income

rePurpose Sada Shakti


 Saving plastic waste from polluting Karnataka's natural environment

Soft and multi-layered plastics have a recovery rate of less than 5% in India. These plastics are most likely to leak into the natural environment and become pollutants. This is a particular problem in the area around Bengaluru, as the city's growth continues to outpace waste management infrastructure.

In collaboration with Saahas Zero Waste, one of India's oldest and most trusted waste management enterprises, rePurpose Sada Shakti addresses plastic waste in one of India's largest cities. Based on a unique public-private partnership model, municipal employees are now incentivised to collect low value plastics on a regular basis which are sorted and processed by project workers. This reduces pressure on the city's environment and many lakes, most of which are heavily polluted by plastic waste.

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Supporting these Sustainable Development Goals.

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reTraceTM makes all impact data readily available for regular third-party audits.

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