Communications & Engagement.

From on-pack certifications to storytelling resources and guidance, rePurpose Global helps you to share your credible, measurable, tangible impact with the world.

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Powerful, credible claims.

Your brand has a unique identity. Our team can help you craft authentic claims and commitments for your action on plastic - personalized to your impact, budget and sustainability journey.

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Certification programs.

Attract customers with your commitment to fighting plastic pollution through one of our flagship impact and certification programs. Backed by rigorous standards, industry-leading protocols, and trusted by 200+ CPG brands.

Certified products - Verified Plastic Action certificationsImpact Guarantee certification for action on plastic wasteSDGs

Sustainability can be at the core of your brand's purpose.

Research from Nielsen/McKinsey shows that products with sustainability claims scale significantly faster than others. Build a powerful brand identity by investing in our planet and its communities, and taking measurable action on plastic pollution.

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Helping brands to tell powerful stories.

We make action on plastic waste accessible for conscious companies. Our experience with hundreds of brands helps you to find unique ways to bring your customers along on the journey.

Plastic waste strategy - Grove

"100% Plastic Neutrality was a way for us to make an immediate impact on a massive environmental crisis, as we transition to 100% plastic free by 2050."

Matt Smith
Director, Grove Collaborative

Hundreds of impactful initiatives.

Wherever you are in your sustainability story, we can help you write the next chapter.

Build your story
Mananalu X rePurpose Global - Jason Momoa
Jason Mamoa's Mananalu

Every reusable aluminium water bottle sold, removes 1 plastic bottle from nature. Drink One, Remove One.

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Sustainable business action on plastic footprint
Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is committed to removing over 1 million pounds of plastic from global coastlines by 2025.

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WildClean reuse and refill

For every WildClean ‘Forever Bottle’ you buy, we remove twice that amount of plastic from nature. Made with 100% reclaimed plastic and compostable packaging.

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Thrive Market and rePurpose Global reducing and removing plastic from the environment
Thrive Market

All Thrive Market private label brands have Plastic Neutral products, while the rePurpose Global x Thrive Market Plastic Action Working Group helps brands to take further action on waste.

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Lemon Perfect and rePurpose Global removing and recovering plastic from the environment
Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect products fund plastic waste removal projects. As well as providing our consumer storytelling toolkits, we also help brands activate retail partnerships and stand out at B2B events.

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rePurpose Global works to end plastic waste

Your plastic waste strategy needs action.

Any business's plastic waste strategy is incomplete without immediate action. Commitments to reduce plastic use or improve recyclability of your packaging are great. But with plastic waste on the rise, the planet can't wait, and consumers expect action now.

Fight plastic waste, account for plastic use, and be a more sustainable brand by funding Verified Plastic Recovery. Action today has an immediate and transformative effect on preventing plastic pollution.

Not only will you protect fragile ecosystems and empower frontline waste workers around the world, but investing in infrastructure leads to long-term reductions in ocean-bound and nature-bound plastic.

> Download our Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol to see how we drive the highest standards of environmental and social impact.

pounds of plastic recovered
from landfills, coastlines, and other areas, thanks to brands' support
people across the world
benefitting from improved waste management services

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