Saaf Samudra

Hindi (साफ़ समुद्र): Clean Sea

Goa, India

Protecting the coastline of Goa from plastic pollution.

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458 mil.

equivalent plastic bags
recovered to-date


kgs of plastic waste removed


waste workers provided with additional income

rePurpose Saaf Samudra


Protecting the coastline of Goa from plastic pollution.

Goa is home to long stretches of beaches, and seas rich with biodiversity that includes turtles, dolphins, and endangered corals. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are under threat. Plastic pollution is on the rise - in part due to tourism - and few households in the state have access to waste management services.

Saaf Samudra establishes public private partnerships with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in the region and incentivizes the collection of low value plastic. Waste workers collect plastic waste directly from households and commercial areas to catch the plastic before it leaks out into the environment. In partnership with V-Recycle, one of India's most trusted waste management innovators, the plastic is sorted and ethically processed - creating new income streams and livelihoods.

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Supporting these Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparency made simple: introducing reTrace.

reTraceTM is rePurpose Global's proprietary technology tool for impact verification.

Every kilogram of plastic waste is recorded, uploaded, and verified through a chain-of-custody approach.

reTraceTM makes all impact data readily available for regular third-party audits.

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