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Waste workers engaged


Kilograms of nature-bound plastic recovered

5.8 bn

Equivalent number of plastic bags recovered

Transformative impact where it's needed most.

Developing vital, robust, and inspiring projects.

We're changing the system with a best-in-class process for creating and running plastic waste recovery projects.

All plastic collected is additional to BAU


Recovering plastic waste that would not otherwise have been collected.

We conduct thorough and regular baseline studies in each project location. Projects often focus on multi-layer and flexible plastics where the baseline recycling rate is almost zero.
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Imran Waste4Change waste worker Indonesia with rePurpose Global


Every kilogram has a record of generation, ownership, and transfer.

Robust chain-of-custody documentation and third-party audits ensure full transparency, verification and visibility of the impact created.
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Worker wellbeing and PPE

Intersectional impact

Working at the intersection of environmental and social impact.

The plastic pollution crisis has a profound and unequal impact on people. We work in partnership with community-based organizations to empower marginalized waste worker communities.
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Certified Action on Plastic Recovery

Industry-leading standards for people and planet.

We align projects with industry standards, and can certify impact with any international standards (including Verra Plastic Credits, Ocean Bound Plastic Certification, SA8000 for social accountability, Control Union CWP) as well as rePurpose Global’s own Plastic Credit Protocol.

Transparency made simple: introducing reTrace.

reTraceTM is rePurpose Global's proprietary technology tool for impact verification.

Every kilogram of plastic waste is recorded, uploaded, and verified through a chain-of-custody approach.

reTraceTM makes all impact data readily available for regular third-party audits.

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Meet the people who make this happen.

Norah Padilla - Sueno Azul rePurpose project

Norah Padilla

Norah is an activist and founder of the Association of Recyclers of Bogota (ARB). It is one of the oldest waste picker organizations in the world, and represents and empowers over 13,000 informal recyclers in Colombia.

The organization now represents the city’s 3,000 informal waste recyclers but Norah's story started with her waste picking and recycling when she was just 7 years old. Her first-hand experiences of the challenges faced by informal waste pickers led her achieve formal recognition for informal recyclers.

We're proud to have her in our family of passionate changemakers, and to work with ARB at our project Sueño Azul in Bogotá.
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Bindu waste worker rePurpose Hara Kal

Bindu Shaji

Bindu is a waste worker and the sole breadwinner in her family. A year ago, her husband, a coconut tree climber, fell and was injured. It is now down to Bindu to financially support him and their two children.

Bindu earns money by being part of the Haritha Karma Sena: a local government programme for women to collect household waste in Kerala. Through the Haritha Karma Sena’s partnership with Green Worms and rePurpose Global, Bindu has seen her income from waste collection increase, and her status in the community enhanced: “Through this work, many people started to recognize me, and our neighbors have a positive opinion about my job... We raised awareness about the effects of waste pollution, and we no longer see waste in the river."
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Prince Coliba - rePurpose Global project Fann Epo

Prince Agbata

Prince is the founder of Coliba, a leading Ghanaian plastic waste management and recycling company.

Prince worked in an international technology business until a life-changing event in June 2015. Devastating flooding in his home city of Accra took the life of his best friend. When Prince found that a major underlying cause of the flood was mismanaged plastic waste blocking local drainage systems he set about to change the story - Coliba was born.

Our ongoing partnership has enabled more plastic recovery and new income streams in Accra, and funded technology roll-outs to collection centres and worker training.
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