Plastic Reduction Advisory.

Work with our expert team to reduce virgin plastic use, meet packaging material goals, and stay ahead of policy changes.

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It's time. Go beyond virgin and unrecyclable plastic.

Make the change to more circular materials.

Our sustainability consultation service aligns business goals with global commitments and industry best practices on reducing virgin plastic use.

Our experts audit your corporate commitments, support with credible goal-setting and initiative selection, and provide ongoing support to keep you on track.

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Meet sustainability goals on plastic use

Create reduction roadmaps

Develop effective and sustainable plans to reduce plastic use and improve environmental impact.

Understand and comply with policies on plastic use and plastic waste

Policy compliance and audits

Navigate plastic reduction regulations and align with global commitments like EMF New Plastic Economy / US Plastic Pact.

change and impact

Transition to alternative materials

Explore our databases of options such as ethically sourced recycled plastic and other material alternatives, optimized for your sector.

Robust verification methods and trusted data


Use our communication toolkits to share your impact, and excite your customers with your sustainability journey.

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Introducing the rePurpose Plastic Action ScoreTM

A comprehensive material footprint assessment

Tactically measure the circularity of your packaging materials and products, and compare against sector benchmarks.

Simulate packaging alternatives

Model switches to different material alternatives to find the right solution for your brand, and for the planet.

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