Verified Plastic Recovery.

Fund the collection and recovery of nature-bound plastic, for a less polluted future.

rePurpose Global works to end plastic waste

Your plastic waste strategy needs action.

Any business's plastic waste strategy is incomplete without immediate action. Commitments to reduce plastic use or improve recyclability of your packaging are great. But with plastic waste on the rise, the planet can't wait, and consumers expect action now.

Fight plastic waste, account for plastic use, and be a more sustainable brand by funding Verified Plastic Recovery. Action today has an immediate and transformative effect on preventing plastic pollution.

Not only will you protect fragile ecosystems and empower frontline waste workers around the world, but investing in infrastructure leads to long-term reductions in ocean-bound and nature-bound plastic.

> Download our Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol to see how we drive the highest standards of environmental and social impact.

pounds of plastic recovered
from landfills, coastlines, and other areas, thanks to brands' support
people across the world
benefitting from improved waste management services

How it works.

Select your impact portfolio

Explore how much plastic to recover and which of rePurpose Global impact projects matches your brand's action.

Collect, recover and verify plastic waste

Projects are unique in the way they fix local waste value chains, but all collect and verify plastic that would have ended up in nature on your behalf.

Data is tracked, traced, and reported

You receive verified data to confirm the plastic recovery - projects and data are audited by independent third parties twice per year.

Communicate your verified impact

Use your impact in marketing, communications, and ESG reporting to make credible and trusted claims about your action.

Fight plastic waste, engage conscious consumers.

Plastic waste is the #1 environmental concern for consumers today. Far-off future commitments are not enough. Achieve immediate results by intercepting waste and supporting the growth of urgently needed plastic recovery infrastructure.


Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees partnered with rePurpose Global to remove ocean-bound plastic waste. Through projects in Ghana and India the partnership will eliminate over 1.5 million lbs of ocean-bound plastic waste by the end of 2024.

Burt’s Bees’ support in India funds recycling facility upgrades and sustained door-to-door waste collection services for around 2,000 households. The effort is part of Burt’s Bees’ 2025 goal to achieve net zero plastic to nature.

More about the partnership
rePurpose Global works with Burt's Bees and other conscious companies to fight plastic pollution
rePurpose Global certification logo for plastic action

Certified environmental action builds better brands.

Let customers know you're taking the plastic waste crisis seriously. Join tens of millions of products that display the most trusted marks for plastic action.

Turning the tide on plastic pollution.

Joining the rePurpose Global coalition means playing a role in overturning old broken systems, and building a new era of inclusive environmental progress.

Verification processes for trusted impact data
Impact Portfolio

Create a unique impact portfolio

Explore our network of innovative Impact Projects to find programs that align with your brand identity

Robust verification methods and trusted data

Complete trust and traceability

Our proprietary verification system reTraceTM facilitates robust end-to-end data tracking across the entire plastic recovery value chain

Communicate without greenwashing about your impact protecting oceans and nature from plastic waste

Authentic communications

With our powerful storytelling tools you can educate consumers and directly connect them to real-life stories, people, and data from the ground

100% additionality guarantee.

Every kilogram of plastic waste recovered on your behalf would have otherwise leaked into nature. See how to turn impact into sales.

Best-in-class impact standards.

Our industry-leading frameworks set the bar for environmental and social progress, ensuring high quality impact on people and planet.


We cannot wait for a panacea.

Reduction is vital...

There is no silver bullet solution to solve the plastic waste crisis. Brands must adopt a multi-faceted roadmap that incorporates ambitious targets to reduce the usage of unrecyclable and virgin plastic materials.

More about reduction services
Animals eating plastic waste in Chennai, India

... but recovery and recycling is also needed.

Every 60 seconds, over 1 million pounds of plastic waste will be produced. The lack of effective waste management infrastructure to collect and ethically process this waste negatively affects tens of millions of communities worldwide.

Fund critical infrastructure
Supporting waste workers and waste pickers

Learn more about Verified Plastic Recovery.

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Explore solutions to fight plastic waste.

Collect plastic waste from environment

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the global plastic waste crisis, today!

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