Neela Sapana

Hindi (नीले सपना): Blue Dream

Tamil Nadu, India

Fighting the plastic pollution crisis in the city of Chennai

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192 mil.

equivalent plastic bags
recovered to-date


kgs of plastic waste removed


waste workers provided with additional income

rePurpose Neela Sapana


Fighting the plastic pollution crisis in the city of Chennai

Chennai is one of India's biggest cities - the metropolitan area is home to 11 million people. Without formal waste management in much of the city, plastic pollution is taking over: overflowing landfills and ocean-bound plastic waste are rampant, and plastic now covers the famous Marina Beach - the world’s second longest urban beach.

rePurpose Global's coalition fully financed a material recovery facility (MRF) in Chennai - from conveyor belts to baling machines, safety equipment and furniture - and our expert team helped to design it. By increasing the infrastructure capacity for treatment of low value plastic waste and incentivizing the collection, project Neela Sapana is tackling plastic pollution head on. rePurpose Global is working to bring holistic plastic waste management to 500,000 households in Chennai and the surrounding urban areas over the next 10 years.

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Supporting these Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparency made simple: introducing reTrace.

reTraceTM is rePurpose Global's proprietary technology tool for impact verification.

Every kilogram of plastic waste is recorded, uploaded, and verified through a chain-of-custody approach.

reTraceTM makes all impact data readily available for regular third-party audits.

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