The rePurpose Plastic Action Platform.

Everything brands need to act on the global plastic waste crisis.

Ignite change with our toolkit of plastic action solutions.

Plastic Footprint Accounting
Benefit from the industry’s most robust plastic footprint accounting tools, databases and resources.

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Plastic Reduction Advisory
Set a new path with material alternatives, internal goal-setting, policy compliance, and everything in between.

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Verified Plastic Recovery
Act on plastic pollution through innovative plastic waste removal and recycling infrastructure projects.

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Certified Action on Plastic Recovery

Communication & Engagement
Bring customers on your impact journey with robust claims, certifications and engagement tools.

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brands acting on plastic waste.

Finance critical plastic recovery infrastructure.

Conscious customers

Your customers are waiting for action

Ocean plastic pollution is the top environmental concern for consumers.

Recovered plastic boosts customer acquisition

Boost customer acquisition

71% US consumers are more likely to buy products that address plastic pollution

Drive sales

Grow brand equity

64% US consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products

Certification supports growth

Don't get left behind

Sustainable products grew more than twice as fast as others, 2015-2021


People and planet: true progress is intersectional.

Over 18 million people around the world are trapped within the exploitative informal waste management industry. Learn how rePurpose Global is creating social and economic opportunities.

Making impact accessible to anyone.

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Plastic Negative Beauty by DANIEL GRIZELJ

Why are so many beauty companies going Plastic Negative?

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100 personal care brands join hands to fight plastic pollution
Global Cosmetic Industry logo

100 personal care brands join rePurpose to fight plastic pollution.

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Pley Beauty's guide for environmental impact
Pley beauty logo

Actress Peyton List explores her brand’s sustainability ‘pleybook’.

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No Evil Foods plant meat
Vegconomist logo

Leading plant-based food brands join forces to tackle plastic waste.

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Corona x rePurpose Global
Corona logo

For World Ocean Day, Corona empowered customers to take action.

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Jason Momoa's Mananalu
Mananalu Logo

Jason Momoa’s beverage brand is keeping plastic out of the ocean.

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Aunt Fannie's products
Aunt Fannie's logo

Every Aunt Fannie’s product purchase will have a Net Zero plastic footprint.

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Grove Co Packaging
Grove Co logo

Our partner Grove Collaborative is the world’s first plastic neutral retailer.

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R5 Living Bottles
R5 logo

R5 Living is the first in Italy to be certified Plastic Negative.

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Dog with bowl of food
Pet Food Processing logo

20 pet food brands are driving plastic recovery from nature.

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PSC banner
Pet Sustainability Coalition logo

Partnering with the Pet Sustainability Coalition to advance industry action.

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Natural Dog Company Snout Soother
Unpacked 22 logo

Unpacked22 panel: discussing plastic neutrality with 3 pet food companies.

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Cotsworld Fayre products
Cotsworld Fayre Logo

Thrive Market partners with rePurpose Global to fight plastic waste

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Beach cleanup
Grove Co logo

Add plastic action to your cart at Grove Collaborative’s Impact Shop.

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Beauty Heroes products
Beauty Heroes logo

Beauty Heroes removes 1 lb of plastic from the environment with every order.

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Image from the World Ocean Summit
The Economist Logo

The Economist’s World Ocean Summit: solutions for the plastic waste crisis.

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Dalberg Team
Dalberg logo

How Dalberg is going beyond balancing its plastic footprint.

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Marqeta Booth
Marqeta Logo

How rePurpose Global inspired Yulu to become Plastic Negative.

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Plastic Waste Reduction Standard Chart
Verra Logo

Our work with Verra to co-develop the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard.

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UNEP Sustainable Blue Economy - protecting oceans

Moving the policy needle through UN’s Blue Economy Finance Initiative.

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Unreasonable Change Workshop
Unreasonable Logo

High-impact social ventures meet the world’s largest companies.

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