WildClean and rePurpose Global - Un-Mucking the World

‍This is a case study on WildClean’s partnership with rePurpose Global that spotlights their ongoing efforts to be a leading environmentally-conscious brand, and how they are ‘walking the talk’ by taking action on plastic pollution.

WildClean taking action on plastic waste with rePurpose Global

Action on plastic waste has become an increasingly important issue for brands to deal with in recent years – and with good reason. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems facing our planet, and its negative impact is felt across the globe. Consumers are now awake to the crisis, and are demanding action, and brands’ environmental consciousness along with competition in various sectors has led many brands to take proactive measures to address this escalating issue. 

rePurpose works with over 280 purpose-driven businesses around the globe to drive action on plastic waste. These conscious brands include WildClean, a disruptive new cleaning brand on a mission to “Un-Muck the World™”.

From vision to reality: WildClean and their commitment to tackling plastic waste.

WildClean was founded in the pandemic by four dads – all ‘recovering polluters’ – who were frustrated with the abundance of single-use plastic in everyday cleaning products. Commenting on the origin of the brand’s mission, Chris Mears, Co-founder & Co-CEO at Wild Clean, said, “We were furious over the state of the world, concerned for our kids, and immensely frustrated by how difficult it is to make any sort of environmental impact in our day-to-day lives.  We wanted to create a company that made it wildly simple to make an impact.”

Their drive to change the world led them to create sustainable high-quality alternatives, including products with an eco-friendly refill system. Now a B-Corp certified brand, WildClean’s "Forever Bottles" are crafted from sturdy, upcycled plastic waste, and can be refilled rather than replaced.  Their refill cleaning powders come in lightweight 100% compostable packaging, making their products a more sustainable and practical choice for conscious consumers.

How rePurpose Global and WildClean tackle plastic pollution

A rePurpose Global team member with waste workers at project Anant Pranay in Aurangabad, India

Furthering its commitment to eliminating single-use plastic, WildClean has had its products certified Plastic Negative with rePurpose Global since 2021. Chris elaborated on the choice to partner with rePurpose Global, telling us: “Our mission is to ‘Un-Muck the World™’ by eliminating single-use plastics in our homes and our environment. We were very impressed by the work rePurpose Global was doing and felt like it was a perfect marriage as our goals align perfectly!”

Through its support of rePurpose Global’s Project Anant Pranay in Aurangabad, India, WildClean is enabling the recovery of twice as much nature-bound plastic as used in its products and packaging. Anant Pranay is a female-led project that collects and ethically processes low-value nature-bound plastics. So far, WildClean’s support has meant that 789 kilograms of low-value plastic waste have been recovered from nature – all the while supporting waste workers’ livelihoods and wellbeing.

This verified action on plastic pollution with rePurpose Global now forms part of WildClean’s brand identity. Chris told us that in conversations about WildClean the partnership with rePurpose Global is: “usually one of the first things out of my mouth! … We believe we will have very strong loyalty as a result of our Plastic Negative credentials”.

To drive transparency and connection with their customers, WildClean displays how much plastic each of their products will help recover. Their commitment to taking action on plastic waste is also shared proudly across their website as well as on their social media platforms.

WildClean showcases its Plastic Negative certification on its homepage.

When WildClean launched a kickstarter campaign to expand to the USA, their work recovering plastic with rePurpose Global was featured. It also supported their efforts to become B-Corp certified.

WildClean is raising awareness about its plastic action with rePurpose Global through its Kickstarter Campaign.

Final thoughts

The WildClean partnership with rePurpose Global is a shining example of the positive impact businesses can have on the growing plastic waste crisis. By creating eco-friendly refillable products that minimize single-use plastic, and helping to curb plastic pollution with rePurpose Global’s verified plastic recovery, WildClean is paving the way for a cleaner world. 

At rePurpose Global, we are pleased to power up WildClean’s efforts to fight plastic pollution and play our part in ‘un-mucking’ the world!


If you're a conscious company that is interested in becoming a part of our coalition of action on plastic waste, please don't hesitate to contact us. For further details, reach out at letstalk@repurpose.global or via our website.

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