What is rePurpose Global's Impact Code?

rePurpose Global’s Impact Code is designed to put waste workers and communities at the forefront of our work to bring an end to the plastic crisis. It outlines a comprehensive set of guidelines and principles that define the nature of collaboration with our impact partners. The code goes beyond compliance with the law, and builds on internationally recognized standards to drive life-changing opportunities for communities worldwide.

rePurpose Global's Impact Code

What is the Impact Code and how does it bring humanitarianism to plastic action?

rePurpose Global’s Impact Code creates a standardized framework - for the first time - for how plastic recovery projects and impact generation can benefit communities and the environment.

The Impact Code outlines the guiding principles of our collaboration with local impact partners in waste management, to promote social and environmental positives. It also ensures complete alignment and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Click on the image above to download rePurpose Global's Impact Code document

What principles is the Impact Code based on?

The key principles the Impact Code is based on include the following:

  1. Social safeguards: We ensure that Verified Plastic Recovery finance is used to improve the socio-economic conditions of waste worker communities, and none of our plastic waste recovery projects harm social or economic structures.
  2. Impact traceability via verified plastic recovery principles: We ensure that every kilogram of recovered plastic is created in alignment with the principles laid out in our Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol (VPRP) and the creation of measurable impact through our projects is guaranteed. 
  3. Environmental integrity: We are committed to the protection of the environment, and environmental responsibility lies at the core of our mission. Therefore, our partners and their suppliers are made aware of their negative impacts on the environment and work towards minimizing itthem. 
  4. Business integrity: Our partners are supported to maintain and embody the highest standards of ethical conduct - therefore, partners are expected to be ethical in every aspect of their business, including relationships, operations, sourcing, and practices. 

These principles form the foundation for our Impact Code, and ensure that we bring a version of plastic recovery and action on waste that promotes sustainable and humanitarian benefits. 

To learn more about our Impact Code, click here to download the document that contains more detail on the code, principles, compliance, and implementation.


rePurpose Global is a global leader in sustainability-as-a-service, and our mission is centered on making social and environmental action accessible for everyone. For more information, visit: repurpose.global/impact

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