Building the sector.

We are pioneers of anew circular economy: driving accountability, circularity, and socio-economic progress while stopping plastic pollution.

rePurpose: The revolution that waste management needs.

Our frameworks help to lay the foundations for a new and better plastic waste industry. We are building a sector based on transparency, knowledge-sharing, and impact. Key contributions include:

rePurpose Impact Code

The first standard of its kind, ensuring that plastic recovery projects maximise environmental and socio-economic impact. The Impact Code is applicable to all plastic recovery projects, regardless of project type or location, and makes sure that waste workers and communities are at the heart of rePurpose Global’s project work.
Social Impact Code

Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol

Building on our ground-breaking protocol, this updated set of rules and guidelines set out the industry best practices that govern the traceability, additionality, and verifiability of our plastic recovery projects.
Verified Plastic Removal at Hara Kal Kerala

Driving standards with the Plastic Footprint Network

rePurpose Global is part of the Plastic Footprint Network. The network exists to keep plastic footprint methodologies up to date and provide a standardized global approach. This supports organizations to measure and report their plastic use and plastic leakage accurately.
Plastic Footprint Network

Certification Standards

Our certifications provide an accessible way for brands to take voluntary action on plastic pollution, and are underpinned by robust guidance around contributions, reduction commitments, and use.

Spearheading more inclusive plastic waste policies.

Global Plastic Treaty UNEP image
rePurpose Global and The Ocean Cleanup established the Innovation Alliance for a Global Plastics Treaty (IAGPT).

Innovation-led systems-change lies at the heart of tackling the plastic pollution crisis. Despite this there is a traditional lack of representation from solutionists in policymaking.

IAGPT was set up to overcome this, and the alliance includes more than 60 leading global solution providers, actively working across the entire plastic pollution lifecycle.

Ahead of the UN Global Plastic Treaty in 2024, our goal is to unite 1,000 innovators, and serve as a bridge between innovation and plastics policymaking worldwide. To join us, or for more information, see

Pioneering systems-change at a global scale.

Prevent Waste Alliance

PREVENT Waste Alliance

Convened by the German Development Corporation, a pan-European industry alliance working together to achieve a global circular economy.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Sustainable Packaging Coalition‍

Part of the membership that develop tools, applications, and services to help companies take meaningful action toward packaging sustainability.

US Plastics Pack Signatory

US Plastics Pact

Businesses, government entities, researchers and NGOs working together towards a circular economy for plastics.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation EMF New Circular Plastic Economy

New Plastic Economy

Over 400 signatories have joined hands in the pursuit of plastic elimination along with NGOs and governmental bodies.

IAGPT Innovation Alliance for a Global Plastics Treaty Logo


Founder of a coalition of solution providers advocating for inclusive policy decision making ahead of the UN Global Plastic Treaty.

UNEP Environment Programme Finance Initiative FI Sustainable Blue Economy Member

UNEP FI Sustainable Blue Economy

A coalition of partners and financial institutions across the globe, working to restore balance in our marine ecosystem.

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