rePurpose Global's Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol: A Framework To Address Plastic Waste

rePurpose Global’s Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol (VPRP) is a comprehensive framework designed to address the global plastic waste crisis. It provides a detailed and robust framework for designing and implementing credible impact projects. You can download the VPRP in the post. By building on best practice and ensuring effective project design and implementation, the VPRP creates an industry-leading example for stakeholders in how to effectively run plastic waste recovery projects.

Cover page of rePurpose Global's Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol Report

What is the Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol (VPRP)?

rePurpose Global’s Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol (VPRP) is a comprehensive framework designed to address the global plastic waste crisis. Our protocol aims to provide all stakeholders with a detailed and robust set of standards for designing and implementing credible Verified Plastic Recovery (VPR) projects. 

These VPR projects are part of the solution to the plastic pollution crisis; establishing systems and infrastructure to collect and recover plastic in places most vulnerable to pollution. Projects are designed and conducted in adherence to the Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol (VPRP) and rePurpose Impact Code. 

The Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol draws from leading frameworks on action against post-consumer plastic waste, as well as best practices developed by rePurpose Global, and forms a practical guide for stakeholders. It is updated on an ongoing basis to reflect developments in waste management science, technology, policy, and business practices.

By making this document publicly available, we hope to continue to collaborate to drive ever-better standards and practices in waste recovery, for the benefit of people and planet.

To learn more about our Verified Plastic Recovery Protocol, click here to download the full document - including the VPRP framework, methodology, practices, and implementation.

How does the VPRP ensure effective impact and implementation?

The VPRP is designed to establish holistic and effective waste management value chains, scale up waste recovery of mismanaged plastics, and mobilize private finance effectively and efficiently.

But of course the protocol itself is only a set of standards. Adherence to the standards requires ongoing work, training, and monitoring. rePurpose Global's Impact Projects team are leading experts in this implementation, and ensure that the VPRP standards are maintained by all projects.

The quality assurance process outlined in the framework requires all Verified Plastic Recovery projects to adhere to several principles: additionality, measurable impact, material traceability, uniqueness, verifiability, environmental safeguards, and socio-economic benefits. For example, additionality (recovering plastic that would otherwise not have been recovered) is achieved through conducting baseline research, and a focus on low-value, post-consumer plastic collection in areas where there was no previous collection and/or recovery infrastructure.

The VPRP forms the holistic framework that aids the overall design and delivery of rePurpose’s plastic waste recovery projects. The result being that we create environmental and social impact hand-in-hand, and do so in a way that is effective, measurable, and scalable.

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