Lil Bucks is Officially Certified Plastic Neutral!

We are delighted to announce that rePurpose Global is partnering with Lil Bucks a sustainable superfood company obsessed with buckwheat and preserving the planet.

Lil Bucks Plastic Neutral

We are delighted to announce that rePurpose Global is partnering with Lil Bucks, a sustainable superfood company obsessed with buckwheat and preserving the planet. Lil Bucks is now a certified Plastic Neutral company. By funding rePurpose Global to remove and reuse as much ocean-bound plastic waste as they create, every purchase of each bag of Lil Bucks will carry a Net Zero Plastic Footprint.

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Good Vibes and Uncompromised Nutrition

Emily - Founder of Lil Bucks

Lil Bucks joined us to take genuine climate action by financing the collection, processing, and reuse of nature-bound plastic waste created by their packaging and operations. They already ensure that each step of their supply chain — from sustainably sourcing their buckwheat to delivering the final product — is benefitting the planet. Apart from being an incredible source of protein and fiber for humans, buckwheat is also incredibly nutritious for the soil. Buckwheat is known as a great rotator crop, rejuvenating the soil with more nutrients for future crops. It grows great in cold climates or poor soils. Lil Bucks’ mission to elevate the demand for buckwheat in the USA enables more farmers to include this amazing crop in their crop rotations. We are excited to work with them to protect the environment from plastic waste and help Emily Griffith, the founder of Lil Bucks, further align with the brand’s mission.

Griffith decided to partner with rePurpose Global because she “believes Lil Bucks values of good vibes, uncompromised nutrition, and bettering our planet are at our core. Action begins now, not when we’re big and have a lot of money. To me, a cost to offset our environmental impact is THE cost of doing business, and I am so thrilled to partner with and support rePurpose Global as they perfectly align with our mission. Becoming sustainable is a journey, and even though we still have to use plastic now, this is a great step forward.”

Lil Bucks’ Plastic Neutral Journey

Lil Bucks Product Image Buckwheat

Incorporating Plastic Neutrality into Lil Bucks’ environmental actions was a comprehensive commitment to protect the planet and repay their debt to nature.

The process began by measuring the volume and category of plastic created by their supply chain. Understanding the breakdown of plastic allows Lil Bucks to take informed action, and know precisely how to reduce their plastic footprint further. Using the measurement statistics and specifications, we created a unique strategy to fund the removal of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills.

Lil Bucks funds the collection and removal of low-value plastics, such as chip wrappers and cellophane, to give them value and create an economic incentive for their collection. The majority of these plastics are dumped into our oceans; Lil Bucks’ contributions allow for these plastics to have a second life while providing ethical wages to waste management workers in Kenya.

On average, nearly 91% of the world’s plastic is not recycled. Targeting the source of the problem directly — we are hoping to initiate action towards a world with less plastic waste.

Lil Bucks’ Impact Partnership

Taka Taka Impact Partner

By going Plastic Neutral, Lil Bucks is helping to bridge the $50 billion funding gap plaguing recycling supply chains worldwide. Through their partnership with rePurpose Global, they are supporting the waste management social enterprise, TakaTaka based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Every year, TakaTaka’s services enable the removal of 2000 lbs of plastic waste and avoid over 5.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Additionally, through this initiative, Lil Bucks’ contributions empower 150 waste workers and their family members by adding crucial income and supporting occupational safety, health insurance, and skills training.  

TakaTaka is a fully certified commercial waste company that collects waste in Nairobi and transports it to Banana or Kagemi. As waste in Nairobi continues to grow, indicated by a 20-meters high hill, waste workers are increasingly essential.  

TakaTaka is Kenya’s largest end-to-end waste management facility that manages 80 tons of waste per day. They want to change how waste is managed and become the largest service provider in Africa. Diverting over 1,300 tonnes of waste per month at a recycling rate of 95%, 85% higher than the national average. Taka Taka is aiming to scale its impact across all major cities in East Africa over the next five years.

Through this initiative, Lil Bucks can support TakaTaka’s mission while empowering its waste workers with additional income by creating value from hard-to-recycle plastics.

Looking Towards a More Sustainable Future

Lil Bucks Product Display

rePurpose Global is helping Lil Bucks reduce their future plastic footprint. Their contribution helps achieve circular economic models, by sponsoring innovations on the ground to expand developing supply chains and build desperately needed infrastructure to handle plastic waste responsibly. Many developing countries lack the resources to handle the millions of tons of plastic waste imported from Western countries and generated by their citizens. Our partnership with Lil Bucks is creating action today.

As an innovative player in the healthy food sector, Lil Bucks recognizes the grave threat plastic pollution poses on the future of our planet and is planning extensive action against this waste epidemic. Our world needs us to commit to being better environmental stewards, and Lil Bucks is taking strides to truly encompass that ideology. As a business focused on creating positive environmental change, Lil Bucks will continue to educate its customers on proper recycling and composting techniques. Soon, they will be launching recyclable pouches, and hopefully, one day, compostable pouches will be used for every product. Going Plastic Neutral is a step in the right direction, but not the final destination.

We encourage you to support this sustainable buckwheat business and try out Lil Bucks’ line of crunchy superfood products. If you would like to learn more about becoming Plastic Neutral, rePurpose Global helps both individuals and businesses assess their plastic footprint and works with you to forge a socially conscious path. Individuals can take 3 minutes to calculate their plastic footprint and mitigate their plastic waste for about the same price as a cup of coffee a month. If your brand is interested in becoming more sustainable, sign up for a quick consultation to learn about the benefits of going Plastic Neutral. Small steps make big impacts, make yours today!

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