The Danger of Greenwashing in Advertising

Branding and advertising are powerful tools in the environmental movement. Looking to make changes to a more sustainable lifestyle, individuals can seek out brands that align with their social and environmental values. Often, environmentally-conscious consumers pay a premium for sustainable goods, hoping that the missions purported by businesses mean we, as individuals, are taking individual […]

Do Plastic Bans Work?

Do plastic bans work? It might not seem obvious from the outset, but there are significant similarities between voting and the voluntary curbing of plastic consumption. Both events require participation from entire populations. If you don’t vote, but everybody else does, it is unlikely that your lack of participation will affect the eventual outcome. But […]

Zero Waste Essentials for Beginners

The Zero Waste movement is not new. Bea Johnson, a blogger turned author from Zero Waste Home has been credited for coming up with ‘zero waste’ lifestyle in 2008. While she popularized the movement from an at-home lifestyle, the term was first used by Paul Palmer in 1970s in relation to the use of industrial […]