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The Data Is In - Sustainability Drives Brand Growth

According to Nielsen and McKinsey research, products with sustainability claims scale significantly faster than others. Build a powerful brand identity, investing in our planet and its communities.

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Powerful, Credible Claims

Your brand has a unique identity. Our team can help you craft authentic plastic action claims and commitments, personalized to your budget and sustainability journey.

Certification Programs

Deepen trust with your stakeholders through one of our flagship certification and impact programs. Backed by rigorous standards, trusted by 100+ CPG brands.

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Doing Good should not be difficult. We're here to demystify the world of plastic action for conscious companies.

"100% Plastic Neutrality was a way for us to make an immediate impact on a massive environmental crisis, as we transition to 100% plastic free by 2050."

Matt Smith
Director, Grove Collaborative

Hundreds of Impactful Initiatives

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, we can help you with the next step.

Jason Mamoa's Mananalu

Every reusable aluminium water bottle sold, removes 1 plastic bottle from nature. Drink One, Remove One.

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Clorox's Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is committed to removing over 1 million pounds of plastic from global coastlines by 2025.

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For every WildClean ‘Forever Bottle’ you buy, we remove twice that amount of plastic from nature. Made with 100% reclaimed plastic and compostable packaging.

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Thrive Market

All Thrive Market private label brands are now Plastic Neutral. We also created the rePurpose Global x Thrive Market Plastic Action Working Group to help CPGs.

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Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is certified Plastic Neutral. In addition to our consumer storytelling toolkits, we also help brands activate retail partnerships and stand out at B2B events.

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Transformative Impact

Protecting Fragile Ecosystems And Empowering Frontline Waste Workers Across Over 30 Locations Globally

Pounds of Plastic Recovered

from landfills, coastlines, and leaked areas

People across the world

provided access to holistic waste management

Creating change you can count on.

We are impact pioneers committed to ensuring transparency, accountability, circularity, and socio-economic progress.

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