Let’s Talk Trash

Will Plastic Bag Bans Work?

Most sustainability platforms and organisations say that reducing your plastic waste is the best and most effective way to combat plastic pollution and the various impacts associated with it. But as a consumer, it is hard to change your habits if you don’t feel like you are affecting the eventual outcome in a significant way. So will these country-level bans ever work?

How Do Plastics Enter our Oceans?

We often see harrowing images circulating throughout the media: a picture of a beached whale whose stomach is filled with plastic bags, or of sea turtles whose necks are wrapped in plastic rings of soda cans. But how do our plastics enter our oceans? The plastic straws, bottles, and cups that we see littering our […]

Harmful Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health

How much plastic can you see? Food containers, plastic bottles, pens, even your phone cover, the list is endless. Despite its ubiquity, the effects of plastic pollution on human health remain mostly unknown to the majority of people. Have you ever thought about the negative effects of the plastic pollution that we’re increasing day-by-day on your health?