The 7 Types of Plastics, Explained

Plastic is plastic, right? Think again.  The EPA breaks down plastic products into seven different classifications. Coffee cups, yogurt cups, and takeout containers all fall into separate categories. And each plastic has to be recycled, or not recycled, differently.  The 7 types of plastics are defined by their different chemical compositions. To make things easier […]

A 3-Step Guide to Recycling Well in the USA

Nowadays, recycling in the US is commonplace nearly everywhere. From recycling cans on street corners to recycling bins in schools and office buildings, to household recycling, there are many options to skip the landfill and recycle instead. “Aspirational recycling” has been a commonly used term to describe recycling habits in the US. Many of us […]

How Do Plastics Enter our Oceans?

How Do Plastics Enter the Ocean? We often see harrowing images circulating throughout the media: a picture of a beached whale whose stomach is filled with plastic bags, or of sea turtles whose necks are wrapped in plastic rings of soda cans. But how do our plastics enter our ocean? The plastic straws, bottles, and […]

The Recycling Paradox

Plastic is everywhere. In the everyday lives of people, the use and consumption of plastic is nearly inescapable. From cling-wrapped veggies at the grocery store to plastic lids on coffee cups, it appears that the only solution to handling plastics responsibly is to recycle. But why is recycling not working? In reality, only around 9% […]