Our Toxic Relationship with Plastic

News of the impacts of plastic are at every turn in environmental media — from dire warnings of the inefficiencies of recycling to its effects on air pollution and marine life. It’s clear that our relationship with plastic seems to pose problems different from many of the materials in our everyday lives, but what about […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Conscious Consumer?

The concept of conscious consumerism is growing in its relevance currently and a lot of it has to do with consumers’ attitudes and awareness, which are constantly changing. But who is a conscious consumer and what makes one a part of the sustainability movement? In layman terms, if you are making your purchase decisions based […]

The Recycling Paradox

Plastic is everywhere. In the everyday lives of people, the use and consumption of plastic is nearly inescapable. From cling-wrapped veggies at the grocery store to plastic lids on coffee cups, it appears that the only solution to handling plastics responsibly is to recycle. But why is recycling not working? In reality, only around 9% […]